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{How to} Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Newton’s Ring

September 12, 2011


Can you see that rainbow spotting in the middle of this photo?  It looks like water and moves across the screen with pressure from your finger like water.  It’s not water.  It’s called a Newton’s Ring.  I freaked out when I opened my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and saw this across the screen.  My poor Galaxy Tab sat in a purse inside the car for an entire afternoon.  All that direct sunlight heating up the inside of the car.  It definitely made this ring.

I immediately thought about how long it had been since I purchased the Tablet and whether I could exchange it.  What a pain though!  Then I slowed down my thinking and went to the internet to search for solutions.

I came across I Want A Droid who also experienced the same ring.  Thank goodness it wasn’t water.  It turns out the ring is a heat issue, not a water issue.  It is definitely NOT water stuck inside the device.  This is a good thing.  Water and electronics do not mix!  Heck, neither does heat and electronics.  But this is a fixable problem.  No worries.  Like others recommended, I stuck my tablet in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Note: You should probably turn off your tablet completely before sticking it in the fridge.  However, I was a freak and did not.  I was too anxious to try this trick and just stuck it in the fridge.  It was fine.

Problem fixed!  No more Newton’s Ring.  Since the first appearance of the Newton’s Ring 3 weeks ago, I have only encountered it once.  For me personally, I don’t really care about this issue.  It doesn’t affect the Tab’s functioning.  In fact, when the device is on, you can’t even see the newton’s ring. Knowing why it was happening and how to get rid of it is more than enough for me.

Have you encountered a Newton’s Ring?  Maybe on a different device even?


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  1. aeolus42 permalink

    Thanks for this suggestion! There are a lot of people taking about the issue but not about any solutions! Thanks

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