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{Review} Lumbar Support

September 9, 2011


Awhile back, I talked about getting this lumbar support for my office chair.  I’ve had it on my office chair for awhile now.  It’s pretty good, not amazing, but good.


I put the support on my office chair at work.  It is a very lightweight and easy to install product.  My chair itself is heavily padded.  I was worried the elastic on the lumbar piece wouldn’t stretch enough, but it has held on for several months without a problem.


Notice that my chair has built in back support.  The problem is that it doesn’t actually fit my body.  This chair is definitely not made for little petite me.  The lumbar support acts to push the back forward.  This helps the chair to fit my body.


I don’t think this is a huge fix or change to my chair.  However, I have kept it on the chair for over 3 months.  I think that speaks to its usefulness.  For the $12.30 new or $5.10 used price tag, I think it’s an okay buy.

This lumbar support device is very utilitarian.  It has clearly been created to be a budget-friendly product.  It isn’t going to scream “I’m super sexy, try me out.”  But it’s pretty clear what it is, so no one has asked me to explain what it is.

I recommend this lumbar support for people who have chairs that do not have any supports built into the chair (i.e., like the first photo).  It’s a cheap product that adds nice support.  If you already have an expensive chair, I do not recommend it.  I don’t feel like it adds enough value beyond the chairs built in contours to be worth it.

The big question is whether or not it actually helped to improve my posture.  I would say it helped when I was meeting with people and sitting back on it.  It didn’t work for me when I was staring at the computer because I needed the device to have a larger arch.  I believe this to be a problem of my chair.  I’m too small for the chair, and the device isn’t helping to force the chair back forward enough.  So it helps some but not totally.

* photos taken with my T-mobile Slide 3G


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  1. i so need to work on my posture. it would be great if there were something to help for the position when i’m just working on my computer, as you mentioned. or if i could quit my job and just do yoga all day. how ’bout that?

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