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Photo Printing Service Comparison

September 6, 2011



What an absolutely fantastic way of seeing the comparison between these different photo printing services.  Based on this comparison, I’m not sure which service I prefer.  I can tell that I’m not in love with the Walgreens photo.  It seems to saturated.  I’ve been doing most of my printing at Costco, but that photo seems a bit washed out.  My favorite outcome was mpix, but they are much more expensive than Costco. 

Conclusion: Zemya Photography’s conclusion and my own conclusion are the same. Costco has the best quality for the money.  They also have fast turn around time.  Costco, of course, requires a membership.  If you’re not a member, you might consider MPix.

Thank you Zemya for putting in the work and time to share this comparison.  I feel very good about my choice to continue using Costco for our photo printing needs.

  1. Thanks for sharing this! We hardly ever use third-party retailers/printers to print photos, but it’s still a great reference to have just in case (and I’ve bookmarked it)!

  2. So cool, thanks for sharing!! I just used walgreens to print out some wedding photos for my mom and found the quality to actually be much better than I anticipated! Plus, I uploaded them online and picked them up an hour later–super quick and easy. I think Ritz looks like the best quality though-I used them with my digital photography class and thought their customer service was excellent!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! It is so great to see them all side by side

  4. This is really good info, but is it annoying of me to say I wish these pics weren’t of a naked pregnant belly over and over?? Lol.

    • LOL! I totally agree actually. That kind of weirded me out before getting deeper into studying the photos. It also felt weird to be staring so closely at the photo in general.

  5. That’s interesting, I usually use Costco or Walmart because they are cheap. It may be worth it to upgrade for important pics after seeing this.

  6. This is one of the most useful posts I’ve seen in a long time!!

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