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MIT’s Folding CityCar coming 2013

August 31, 2011

[Source: The Next Web via Engadget]

Check out a possible new way to get from point A to point B.  Some cities have started easy 1-way bike rentals (also called a bikeshare).  Washington DC has been quite successful with their Bikeshare program.  Similar to Zip Car, you pay an annual membership fee and a smaller fee when you want to use the bike or car.  MIT’s folding citycar might provide a means for transportation that is in between a car and a bike.  I’m very curious and definitely going to keep a watch for this in Boston.

Would anyone else try out the folding car?


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  1. Not sure about the safety of driving something like that, but the thought of street parking not being a worry? Amazing. We’re in Lakeview and always end up driving around looking for a spot!

  2. Mama Marcia permalink

    This is so cool. When we toured MIT’s campus with Hubs, I felt a great energy there. Young smart people MUST help save the planet. Right now, it seems extremely messed up.

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