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Text Instead of Call

August 27, 2011



[image via iPhone Help]

During times like Hurricane Irene or other large scale situations, it is best to text your loved ones that you are safe rather than call them on your cell phone.  Text messages use a much smaller bandwidth than cell phone calls (Gizmodo).  Therefore, you should leave the lines open for real emergencies. 

For example, after the recent earthquake in Washington DC, many people headed for their cell phones to call others to gush about experiencing their first earthquake.  It would be better to text these conversations than to actually call.

Isn’t it interesting when people decide to text versus call?

So as we continue to experience Hurricane Irene, stay in touch via text rather than call phone calls.


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  1. Allie permalink

    I find this really interesting. I’m one of those people that absolutely values talking over texting, but I also wouldn’t call everyone I know to be like OMG I just experienced an earthquake EEEEE!
    Meanwhile, we have no hurricanes and no earthquakes in south Texas, just a whole lot of heat. Gotta start calling everyone I know to let them know it’s only 108 today! Eeeeeee!

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