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{TED} Open-Sourced Blueprints for Civilizations

August 26, 2011

TED Talks are some of my favorite things to listen to.  Call me a geek if you need to, but don’t stop reading and hearing what TED talkers have to say.  They’re innovative, and they’re changing the world.  Here’s one of my favorites from my last listening session.

Marcin Jakubowski started Open Source Ecology to host blueprints that would help any group create a new civilization.  They are development DIY machines.  Check out their tractor and power cube.  Most of the machines they are looking to provide blueprints for are still in development, but it’s a great idea that everyone should know about.

I’m a huge fun of open sourced materials.  In other words, I really like free products.  I’m still trying to learn how I can best give back to the open source community.  While I don’t have any knowledge to give Open Source Ecology, I hope to help spread awareness about their work.  Maybe you can help as well.


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  1. Mama Marcia permalink

    This is so inspirational! People like Marcin will save the world.

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