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{Wedding} THE Photo, THE Moment

August 25, 2011

Just in case you didn’t already see it over atWeddingbee, you get to see it now.


With this Wing: THE Photo, THE Moment  :  wedding photography san diego Img 5287

*guest photo*

Our brideswoman R snapped this photo. She’s a budding new photographer. It’s one of those photos that give me goose bumps. I know the moment. I can very easily be transported back there. I can see his face. I can feel my heart race. He had me at “I do.” I swear he had tears in his eyes, but even that doesn’t matter. I knew I was the only person in that world that mattered to him in that moment. He held me close. The wedding day was almost over. The stress was gone. It didn’t matter who was around us. The moment was ours. This is THE photo of our wedding day, and I didn’t have to pay a dime to get it.

With my recaps almost complete, my wish for all of you on your wedding day is to have a moment like this that will be captured in your memories for a lifetime.


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  1. That’s spectacular. You look so in love.
    We have one like that. My cousin’s wife took the photo. It’s blurry and grainy but it’s perfect. It’s a close-up of our faces looking at each other like you and your husband are looking at each other. Isn’t it nice to know that even now, months after the wedding, you can still look back and remember that exact moment and pull the whole day together in one photo.
    Awesome. I’m so glad you shared this!

  2. Mama Marcia permalink

    It’s a beautiful photo. Your two faces tell the story of your past, present and future lives together.

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