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Faster Customer Service via Twitter

August 18, 2011

image by kopp0041 via Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done

Lifehacker’s post on uses for Twitter reminded me of how much I use Twitter to get things done.  Twitter is no longer just for broadcasting random thoughts to the world.  Companies that are tech savvy and thinking about creative and innovative ways to reach customers have discovered the hidden potential in Twitter.

I use Twitter to do the obvious: communicate with my friends and non-friends a like.

However, I also use twitter for so much more.

(1) Announce new blog posts

I do this for each post that goes up.  I have noticed that some (just a couple) people are clicking over from my twitter announcements.

(2) Broadcast my need for social support

I do this one pretty regularly.  Often, I’m posting the same vents and gripes on Twitter and Facebook.  I find that people who have experienced similar events will come forth with support, validating comments, and advice.  For me, this is the newest form of social support and why I often claim that community is possible through the internet.

(3) Get advice for vacations & travel

(4) Get opinions

(5) Get suggestions

(6) Get Updates on People, Friends, Shows, and New Apartment Listings.

(7) Receive Sale Notices

(8) Get faster customer service.

In the past, I’ve personally used the following and gotten quick responses.

  • @adoramapix when I was frustrated with my photo book order from Adorama Pix
  • @tmobile when I had a quick question about a feature on my phone
  • @AskCiti for my Citibank credit card
  • @GiltCitySupport when I just had a comment about something they were selling.
  • @Kimpton when I had troubles with a hotel reservation.  They quickly fixed it.

Others you could try:

Businesses that are using social media to read out to their customers are smart.  When individuals twitter about a business, they come attached with information.  For example, when I use my twitter account to blast a company, they can see that I have a blog and the type of information I write about.  At that point, the company can choose to react or to do nothing.  Of course, it would be nice if we all got great customer service all the time.  But sometimes, you just have to flex your social media power a little.  I prefer this flexing to getting on the phone and yelling or being mean to people.

What else do you use Twitter for?


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  1. RE: using Twitter for customer service needs, what do you find to be the best practices when conducting customer service via Twitter? Which companies seem to have a good grasp of conducting customer service via this vehicle?

    Was there something noteworthy about the experience?

    Matt Ahern
    Support Manager

    • Great question. I think I’ll write an entire post on this subject. Thanks for the idea. Stay posted on the matter.

  2. This is SUCH appropriate timing! I just had a business stoop to immature blasting on my blog for a negative review I wrote about them in January 2010. I posted about it on Twitter, and all of my twitter friends came to my rescue and commented back to the mean business! It was truly amazing to watch as the events unfolded this morning. I absolutely adore Twitter for its ability to get things done so quickly & for how wonderful it is in building communities!

  3. Debbie permalink

    I use twitter to enter contests. 🙂 My husband won a free trip for 2 to Las Vegas through a twitter sweepstakes! I won a CVS giftcard once.

  4. I agree with your point on using twitter for customer service needs! I never try to blast them but just get their attention. I was having such trouble a few weeks ago getting LivingSocial to respond about a bum deal (I emailed them 4 times over the course of a month) and after tweeting to them, they resolved the issue in 2 days!

  5. I recently used Twitter to ask CVS how to stop the annoying “allergy alert” phone calls I was getting! Glad they responded but I’m still mad that they were using my phone number, that I had given to the pharmacy as part of my personal, MEDICAL information, to try to sell me products and services.

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