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{Review} Rocketfish Stylus/Pen

July 23, 2011


I really wanted a stylus that had a pen attached.  I’m always in favor multi-use products.  It would allow me to carry one list item. I bought this one from Best Buy with a gift card.

Stylus: The stylus works great.  It is nicely weighted, a good length, and actually creates a very desirable experience.  I definitely reach for the stylus instead of using my finger.

Pen: The pen writes well.  The cap is my biggest complaint with this pen.  The cap doesn’t fit on the top of the stylus.  If I want to use the pen, I take off the cap and put it on the table. This is going to be a problem.  I am very prone to losing things.  Secondly, the pen without the cap feels short.  It feels like a fancy pen without its cap.  It isn’t an enjoyable hold.  Once I lose the cap, I won’t use the stylus because carrying it around with me will mean getting ink everywhere.

Clip: I LOVE the clip.  Paired with the Samsung Book Cover Case, it fits very nicely on the edge of the flap.

Final Verdict.  I like it and will keep using it.  However, I would consider searching for a stylus/pen where the cap can be attached to the stylus when the pen is in use.


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