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Urban Adventours Boston

July 22, 2011


Recently, Hubs and I went for an afternoon bike ride using hybrid rentals from Urban Adventours.  Sounds like fun right?  Right!  My legs and back hurt for a good 2 days after the ride.  Suits us for going at an over 10 mile ride in a city we’re still getting to know that has hills!  Boo to hills!


We did get to see great sights though.  Look at that view of Boston from a bridge.


Hubs didn’t have any pain.  Of course not, the man works out much more than me.  I slowed him down and held him back.

The hybrid bike rentals were sweet!  They are much nicer and lighter than the mountain bikes we rode in Chicago.  In Chicago when we rode the same distance, I felt much more pain than I did this day.  Apparently, Urban Adventours sells their fleet of bikes at the end of each season.  Sadly, these are still going for $500.  We certainly don’t ride bikes enough to make such a big purchase.  Thanks to Groupon for providing us access to a discounted rate for bike rentals!

Urban Adventour’s hybrid bike rentals are $35 for 24 hours.  With Groupon, we paid $25.  They also provide tours.  For $100, they do a 4-hour long bike ride that follows Paul Revere’s famous ride.  If you’ve got the skills and the moola, that sounds like a blast!

Do you bike your city?


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