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Drinking Full Strength Iced Coffee

July 20, 2011


As mentioned in my review of the Brookstone Mug Warmer, I love my coffee warm.  On the occasion that I’m drinking my coffee in 90+ degree weather, iced coffee is an obvious must.  While it’s not my taste preference, the heat index wins.

My biggest complaint with iced coffee is the ice itself.  While drinking hot coffee, I would never dilute it with water.  It seems odd to do that with cold coffee.  Remember, I am a slow drinker.  Even with cold beverages, I drink it slow.  That darn ice is going to melt and dilute my full strength dark roast coffee before I finish it.

Solution: Take the left over coffee of the day.  Pour it in an ice cube tray.  Freeze it.  Fill your coffee cup with it.  Fill the rest with your freshly brewed hot coffee.  Voila!  Your coffee is now cold.  As the coffee melts, it won’t dilute it.

Win for not wasting left over coffee.  Win for full strength coffee.  And win for good coffee even on hot days.  Triple win!!!

How are y’all surviving this heat?


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  1. such a great idea! mmm iced coffee must get some now.

  2. Annie permalink

    So clever! I actually don’t drink coffee but this would totally work w/the tea I drink daily. Thanks Nellie!

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