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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Arrival

July 19, 2011


After much anticipation, my new toy arrived in the mail.  I’m not going to do a thorough review because any others exist online here, here, here, and here to name a few.  It is definitely going to give Ipad a run for it’s money!  After all, Samsung has been developing and manufacturing Apple’s processor for awhile (more here).


If you order or buy a tablet, make sure you have the rest of the day free.  I have spent large chunks of the last week getting the right apps and setting it up just the way I like it.  It’s time consuming stuff!  Trust me though, it’s helluva exciting and fun as well.


Here’s a shot of it live in the Samsung official book cover leather case.  I know you’re digging my panda live wallpaper!  It’s free.  Search for it in your marketplace.

My colleague as an Ipad.  We’ve been comparing these two.  There are some differences. Flash capability is the major difference between the 2.  Ipad does not currently support flash.  This causes problems in viewing many websites.  The Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t have this problem.  I can even use Firefox that is synced to my desktop Firefox, and uses Firefox add-ons, including Flash.

Obviously, I’m biased and prefer the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  While the Ipad is great.  I’m not an Apple person.  I’m a PC, and I want to stay one.  I prefer the Android platform.  It allows me to customize my tablet in ways that the Ipad doesn’t allow.  So far, I recommend the Galaxy Tablet.  It’s slightly larger than the Ipad.  The box says it’s a true wide screen proportion.  It’s a smidge lighter than the Ipad, but really negligible.

The  on/off switch is located on the side for the Galaxy.  The Ipad has it on the front side of the Ipad.  I prefer it on the front side.  That’s one difference where the Ipad wins.  IMG_6131

Costco:  What’s up with sending a big ole box and only 1 tiny little air bag?  When I picked up the box, the inside Samsung box was clearly not packaged properly.  You could hear it bouncing around inside.  The tablet is fine, but it’s not very reassuring.  No one wants to see their package arrive in this fashion.  I expect better from a good company like yours, Costco.

Overall, the Galaxy Tab is fitting my needs.  It is synced with my Gmail account and my Microsoft Exchange for work.  The marketplace is still a bit small, but most of the same apps from the Ipad are available.  For those considering a Galaxy Tab 10.1 versus an Ipad, I think it comes down to preference for Android or Apple.  I’ll report back as I continue to use the product.


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  1. Mama Marcia permalink

    I am so proud of my tech-dorky daughter-in-law!!

  2. My husband has an iPad and he LOVES it, but I’m the type that would much rather just use my laptop! I’ve heard great things about the Samsung tablet, though!

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