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{OOTD} Galaxy Tab Style

July 18, 2011


Finally getting stripes into the rotation!  Aren’t I trendy stuff.  I’m in love with this denim pencil skirt.  I’ve worn it to death for the last 4 years.  Let me know if you see one on sale anywhere.  It’s a perfect casual work day skirt. 

Can you tell that my hair is getting annoyingly long?  From the front, I may look fine. From the back, it’s looking like a bad paint brush sticking straight out of my head.  No worries, hair cut is on it’s way. 

And what’s in my hand y’all?  Why it’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 newly arrived from Costco.  Don’t worry, I’m busy trying it out every free moment I get.  A review coming up next.


From → Fashion

  1. Mama Marcia permalink

    Lookin’ good! Hubs is turning into quite the fashion photographer.

  2. Ooooh, love the stripes on you! And can’t wait to hear about how the Galaxy is!

  3. Yay! I love the stripes 🙂

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