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Wedges &A Satchel: Target Scores

July 15, 2011


I first learned about these wedge sandals from Extra Petite.  These shoes are pretty awesome.  They’re super light and fit my size 5.5 feet perfectly.  The heel is wrapped in rubber, so they don’t make heel noise when you walk.  Fun weekend shoes for such a low price.  This is definitely worth adding to the collection!  Did I mention that they’re super comfortable and makes me feel tall?  Because they do!


I learned about this adorable satchel from Petite Early Morning Style.  I’ve been on a lookout to change my work bags.  The bag that I’ve been using for the last year is overwhelming me both physically and proportionally speaking.  Everyone that lifts it is stunned that I regularly carry so much weight on one shoulder.  I blame it on my very heavy work issued laptop.  I’m determined to make it work, starting with this super cute satchel.  Commence channeling of old school academic chic!  I am beyond excited about this find!

What I realized in my search for smaller and lighter work bags is that higher quality brands that make bags out of all leather are heavy.  Well duh right?  Leather is heavy!  Melie Bianco makes high quality, fashionable bags out of “leather-like” materials.  This is a great option for us more budget conscious fashionistas in search of lighter weight accessories.  This is my 2nd Melie Bianco bag.  I owned one in my early grad school days (some 6 years ago).  It lasted several years before I tired of it and donated it.

On a budget friendly note, it is always worthwhile to do price comparisons.  It’s really easy to do online.  A very simple Google search for this Melie Bianco bag showed me that Melie Bianco is selling it for $96 in color bone; and Endless is selling it for $108.  That’s when I discovered that Target is a new Melie Bianco carrier and selling it for less than the other 2 sites. Target scores!

Look for these new items in my upcoming OOTDs!

Note: Target has free shipping for orders over $50.


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  1. LOVE that purse! You wouldn’t mind if I might be carrying one around NYC, would you? 😉

    • You could be carrying the same bag in my same office and I would be thrilled to have helped! Send me photos if you do!

  2. I love the bag so much! It’s gorgeous! And, Target may be my favorite store in the entire world. 🙂

  3. sassandpancakes permalink

    These are some hot tips, you hot prof you! My feet rarely fit into a size 5…it’s a sad state of affairs. I’m totally going to hunt down those shoes. Cheers for little feet!

  4. I love Target’s shoes. They last a long time and they’re inexpensive enough that I feel no guilt in buying lots of them! 🙂

  5. Target Rocks like no other!

    With lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel – still living vicariously through pretty things at

  6. Whoaaa – those shoes are from Target? Love em. And that bag?!?! I have been looking for one in a similar style for a while now: I haven’t checked Target yet though! Oh man, that might be on my to-do list for tomorrow…

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