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{OOTD} Watercolor Summer

July 13, 2011


  • Top: Ann Taylor Outlet Silk Sleeveless Shell(similar here, here, here, & here)
  • Skirt: Express Stretch Waistband Pleated Skirt
  • Belt: Skinny Belt by Banana Republic Outlet (similar here & here)

    Today’s outfit works really well if you have to work in an office that doesn’t have air conditioning.  Yeah, those side exist.  Archaic… I know.  Our new building is being built, and this is what we have to work with for now.  I really love the way my new skirt flows.  It’s a full circle skirt.  If I spin, the skirt will flair out parallel with the ground.  Sounds pretty awesome if you’re a little girl, right?  Not so cute if you’re walking into the office and many big gusts of wind come by.  I put on quite the show.  Good thing no one is around during the summer time.


I paired my outfit with these ballet flats.  I classify these as fashionable city shoes.  They’re both fashionable and comfortable.  Who says you can’t have both?  Not I.

Please excuse my dirty shoes.  I forgot to take a picture of them when they were clean and new.  I’m pretty much in love with these French Sole FS/NY Waffle Ballet Flat from Endless.  The pictured is peach and off-white.


Hubs took today’s OOTD photo.  Because he was sitting on the couch with his computer, I figured it didn’t make much sense for me to take my own photo when he looked relatively free. It turns out that it’s much more difficult to have Hubs take the photo than to take my own.  I’m embarrassed to strike a pose in front of my own husband.  So I ended up doing a lot of these more “heeheehee, I’m so embarrassed for no reason” poses.  So NOT cute.  I’m going to work on this self-confidence business.  It’s not like I don’t post pictures of myself all the dang time.  Lack of confidence is really unbecoming on me.


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  1. So adorable!! Absolutely love that top, it’s perfect for summer!

  2. Wow, I love that outfit! Twirly skirts like that are so much fun!!

  3. The shoes are soooo cuute. I’m a sucker for shoes with details over the toes. 🙂

  4. Annie permalink

    You are adorable and so chic! Love it!

  5. Love love love this outfit! The shoes…I want…

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