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{OOTD} Summer Layers

July 12, 2011


It’s getting real hot and muggy around here.  These are about the only layers I can sport.



Are you noticing that it’s summer around these parts and my outfits are much more casual than they were from January through May?  I’m also wearing a lot less make-up, letting the hair get a bit wild, and wearing the flats.  When I get sloppy, I think I start looking really young.  In fact, I wore this outfit to a work lunch function.  I got carded and everyone was shocked.  I guess they all forgot how young I look to people who don’t actually know me.  I’m going to need to start working on “make me look older” casual wear.

Let me credit Hubs with that first photo.  I’m learning to be less shy when he’s behind the camera.  I clearly need to learn to pose though.


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  1. I love that skirt! And I look really young in certain types of clothes too! I frequently have waiters give me veeeeery skeptical looks when I order a drink. They usually spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at my driver’s license to make sure it isn’t fake!

  2. i can’t believe you got carded with your coworkers there! usually they take a cue from the company that you have. but anyway, you look cute!

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