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{Review} Brother’s Crawfish

July 10, 2011


I had a craving, a difficult craving, that only 1 restaurant in Boston area could fill.

CRAWFISH!  CRAWDADS!  CRAWDADDIES! CRAYFISH! Whatever you want to call them.  Hubs and I went online and Googled ourselves to this hole-in-the-wall in Dorchester, MA.  That’s just south of Boston.


Brother Crawfish is a Vietnamese owned restaurant.  This is not a place you go to for the ambiance.  You go here for the crawfish. and that’s about it.  Their menu is simple.  We had 2 lbs. of crawfish, a side of fries, a water, and a lemonade.  One pound in Asian Fusion (spicy).  One pound in Oriental Express (Garlic and Scallions, no spice).

Crawfish: I’ve only had crawfish once before in Austin, Texas.  The crawfish here were a lot larger than the one’s I had earlier this year in Austin.  I really liked the flavor of the Asian Fusion.  The heat hurt just about right.  It made my lips puff.  I might have liked just a smidge more burn though.  The Garlic and Scallions was just whatevs for me.  I prefer heat and spice.  My biggest complaint about the crawfish is the amount of liquid sauce served with the crawfish.  There isn’t much juice!  Where’s the liquid that the crawfish is drenched in?  Where’s the juice that I should be sucking out of the crawfishy’s head?  Nada.  I really missed the sauciness that I crave with crawfish.

Fries: Usual.  Nothing memorial, but also no complaints.

Lemonade: I know this place is Vietnamese because they list lemonade, but they serve lime-ade.  That’s exactly how my Vietnamese mom does it too.  It’s yummy.  I would order again.

Final Verdict: I will wait to go back down south for crawfish.  I think this place is worth going to once.  I will not be returning anytime soon.  There is too much good seafood around these parts to repeat.  Many people came to order for take-out.  If I lived closer, I might consider doing the same.

Brother Crawfish, 272 Adams Street, Dorchester, MA 02122


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