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Twin Yolks

July 5, 2011


I’ve heard it can happen.  Some people even say that it happens to them all the time.  For me, this is a first.  My first time cracking an egg and seeing 2 yolks come out.  Like the time when I got the baby green pepper inside a red pepper, I giggled with excitement and rushed to get my camera.


Hubs has an identical twin brother.  So you know my twinsie eggs brought up discussions of how him and his brother shared an egg just like this.

Does the double yolk have any special meanings?


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  1. Woah – I’ve never seen this before and had no idea it was possible! Crazy!!

  2. That’s AWESOME! haha I love it! What a fun surprise!

  3. It means you get Good Luck for a year!

    …ok maybe I made that up. But I think it should mean something lucky! 😛

  4. My mom used to find eggs with double yolks all the time – once the whole dozen had double yolks! It freaks me out a bit, but not enough to refrain from eating it 🙂

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