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Window Shopping

July 1, 2011

Let’s start with some of the more practical finds from around the internet.  I haven’t bought any of these, nor tried them on.  Window shopping online and blogging about these items help to test my need for them.  If I’m still lingering and desiring them in a week, it might motivate me to act on it.  I find that actively resisting impulse buying is really important to keeping a healthy bank account.

Blooming Flowers Tank in Coral at Forever21 $22.80

Wide Stripe Boat neck Top by Splendid on Hautelook for $37

Metal Flower Elastic Belt in Natural by Banana Republic for $49.50

Striped Button Back Shirt in Blue at Banana Republic on sale for $54.50

Cotton Marshall Shirt Dress by Alice + Olivia on Gilt for $189

Let’s move onto some impractical likes.  Where the heck would I wear this top?  Isn’t it awesome though?

Brighton Crepe Beaded Kimono by Alice + Olivia on Gilt for $189

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a one piece bathing suit to wear to swimming/pool work functions.  Why do cut outs make a one piece seem so sexy?

Cote D’Azur Monokini by Undrest on Gilt for $89


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  1. I love that striped top! So cute! And I use the same method when I’m buying clothes – I make myself wait a few days, and if I’m still thinking about it then I know I really want it!

    • Of course, just as I realize that this top is awesome and go back for it, I find that it’s sold out in my size. Just my luck! I guess that’s $40 I will be saving today.

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