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{Wallpaper} Don’t Try to Control the Journey

June 20, 2011

Journey & Control

Background: I searched for free inspirational computer desktop wallpaper awhile back.  I wasn’t very happy with what I came up with.  Instead of sitting around and complaining, I decided to start making my own. 

I use some of my favorite photos to create my own wallpaper.  Feel free to download if you like anything.  Right click on the image and use the ‘”save as” button.  You can also click on “set as desktop background” to automatically change your background image.


I took this photo on a stroll out to an overlook at Torrey Pines State Reserve.  I took this photo about a half an hour before Hubs proposed.  Sometimes you just have to let things be and see where it takes you.


From → Life, Technology

  1. Mama Marcia permalink

    I agree. The more we hold onto the rope, the more something evades us. Let go.

  2. i was just thinking about that this morning–letting go and being more tolerant of how things happen rather than controlling. dammit i hate when it turns out i’m doing things wrong.

    • don’t I know it. Learning to be okay with being wrong is such a pain. 😉

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