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Obama Changes the Implicit Message

June 17, 2011

This will be my last post on President Obama.  One post could not do this story justice.  It began with the story behind my newspaper, which required me to go into why the election was so important to me.  Now, I need to close with how all this has impacted my work and our country’s story.

I do research on race and discrimination.  My days are often filled with more hurtful, racist, and negative thoughts about race than positive.  I tell people I study ways that schools implicitly teach children about race and how racial color-blindness is sometimes a guise to teach the racial hierarchy.  In my explanation I often talk about the way that children learn that only White men should become president of the United States (source).  Look at our presidents pre-Obama.  No one had to explicitly teach it to them.  They just had this poster hanging in their classroom, no one explained to them otherwise, and they made up their own reason.


With President Obama’s election, the chart looks a little bit like this…

(via Patrick Moberg)

It makes me hopeful for diversity in our future leadership.  How about an Asian American woman about 5 foot, and who likes to blog?  Anyone?  No worries y’all.  Hubs said he would ruin my campaign if I ever ran for a public office.  He said he would air my dirty laundry.  Someone needs to tell him I blog and already air it myself.


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One Comment
  1. Mama Marcia permalink

    Our next president needs to be a highly intelligent, female of any color. I guess that rules out Sarah Palin.

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