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B’s New England Trip: Bobby’s Burger Palace

June 7, 2011

Then we head to Paramus, New Jersey for some Bobby Burger Palace.  That’s Bobby Flay y’all.  Interestingly, it’s located in a mall, the Bergen Town Center Mall to be exact.


The menu rocked! Prices rocked!  I was sold.

Barbara New England Trip 20111

This comment comes on the bottom of the second menu panel.  Bobby! You are a freaking rock star.  Heck yeah I got my burger crunchified.  I’ve been putting potato chips in my sandwiches and burgers since I was a child.  Next, I’d like to see you add a “frenchified” allowing people to put french fries in their burger.


To drink B had a Boylan Root Beer, and I had the blueberry-pomegranate milkshake.  Check out the use of the Boba straw.  So smart.  It definitely made drinking the thick milkshake easier.


B was excited about her root beer too!


Hubs has the Santa Fe Burger (queso sauce, roasted jalapenos, and blue chips).  Doesn’t look the prettiest, but it’s tasty!


I had the Miami Burger crunchified (pressed with ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and mayo). Seriously delish!


Can’t forget the fries.  We got one order for the table to share.  We didn’t like any of the special dipping sauces and stuck to the ketchup for our fries.  I did think the fries were tasty.


We left happy. End of burger story.



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  1. Oh my goodness, I’d LOVE to go there! That looks amazing – and I loooove Bobby!!

  2. I really like to put Cheez-its on my sandwiches so any place encouraging this is awesome!

  3. Mmmm, crunchy burgers sound so good! I’d love to try fries in one too!

  4. Ummmm DELISH! I am particularly fond of your burger choice; it reminds me somewhat of a Cuban sandwich (and I love myself a Cuban sandwich)…

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