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Hair Cut Done Wrong

May 6, 2011


I went to get a hair cut today.  I’m not very happy with what I got.  The stylist kept talking a mile-a-minute and didn’t seem to pay that much attention to what she was doing.  When she was done, I thought “okay, I guess it looks fine.”

By the time I got home and looked in the mirror, I was upset.  it’s so blunt!  The bottom looks like a straight across cut.  I see that see tried to layer to get some movement in my top layers, but it just looks like a bob with a mullet bottom.  I feel like I looked better in my before shot than my after shot.  So much for my $55 hair cut.  Why did I tip her again?


Hubs thinks my hair looks like some just started whacking chunks out of it.  It’s got a very blunt bottom and a some strange unevenness in random places.

Now a close up.  See how straight across the bottom is?


Now look at the unevenness of the layers.  Maybe she didn’t style it nicely enough.  But seriously, isn’t the styling that is done at the salon suppose to be your hair at its best?  If this is the best my hair is going to look with this chop, we have a problem!


So now the big question.

(1) Do I go back to the same person to fix this?  Clearly, I don’t trust her if she let me walk out the door looking like this.  She may think I’m crazy for not liking it since she did this to me.

(2) Do I go back to the same salon and request a different stylist?  How uncomfortable is that?  She’ll be there and know that I didn’t like her work.  Then again, she SHOULD b embarrassed right?

(3) Go to a different salon and get them to fix it?  This is more money and no guarantee that it’ll look good.

I have less hair to work with now.  I feel like the only option is to go with a short bob.  What should I do?  Help please.  I totally identify as a lady with hair I love.  And I really don’t love this.  Or maybe I’m just being a baby.  Tell it like it is ladies.

For comparison, here’s a recent photo of my hair that I like.



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  1. Mama Marcia permalink

    There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve paid too much for a haircut that makes you unhappy. I’d find someone you can trust who will bring up the back a bit and leave the sides longer than the back. Overall it may be a little shorter than you want it to be to star with, but you’ll lke it better.
    Take a picture! And tell the sylist to shut up.
    I’ve been there – it sucks.

  2. Agh! This is why I absolutely HATE haircuts. I’ve had way too many bad ones, and I never know who to trust!

    The worst haircut I ever had was when I was interning in LA, and I couldn’t stop crying when I looked in the mirror. I was already a broke intern, had paid 70 bucks for the cut, and so I started calling around to some of the poshest salons in beverly hills to see if they would offer me a deal to fix it. One shop took pity on me and I got a $150 cut for $40! I was THRILLED with the results, though I had to go super short.

    I would recommend you go to another salon. Explain the situation, ask if there’s anything they can do for you price-wise, and you might get lucky! Take a photo of how you love your hair in that last photo & hopefully they can help.

    Ugh, so sorry you have to deal with this…it’s always a horrible feeling to waste the money and still have to find some way to fix it!

  3. I think that you should definitely go back to get it fixed, and ask for a different stylist. She shouldn’t be hacking at hair like this, and she either needs to go back for lessons or be fired. For that amount of money, you should be getting a great cut.

    I would personally bring the pictures in your post with you when (well, If) you go.

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