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{OOTD} Fixing My Stress Weight Loss

April 19, 2011


  • Express Blue Button Up
  • Black custom made pencil skirt
  • black nylon tights

My first year as a professor has been difficult.  Both hubs and I are stressed all the time and trying real hard to maintain a healthy diet and sleep schedule.  We try to not let work consume us and still make time for each other and a social life.  Thank goodness I have blogging to keep me happy.  When stressed, we don’t eat.  My teaching schedule has me eating lunch either way too early or way too late.  And this is what has happened to the fit of my clothes.


This pencil skirt was custom made for me in early 2006.  Sadly, this is how it now fits.  Some people might look at this photo and think I’m losing belly fat and should be excited.  You would be wrong.  In losing the muscle on my back side.  That’s why this skirt doesn’t fit me very well.


  • Cinch belt from EBay (bought ages ago)

That’s where this cinch belt has come in handy.  I put it over the skirt and top and it cinches it all in for me.  It’s not perfect because it does create some bunching in the fabric, but it’s acceptable.


  • Franco Sarto Mary Janes (bought from DSW)

Paired with my favorite work shoes, these fun mary janes and it’s a pretty good work outfit.

Stress induced weight changes (both weight loss and gain) are bad for keeping a stable, good looking wardrobe.  I must find time to get back into physical activity.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been so stressed, no bueno 😦

    On the plus side, your shoes are rockin’!

  2. Ugh, stress weight change is always the worst. Love the outfit, though!!

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