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This is My Book

April 18, 2011

I love books!  I also have an e-reader that I love.  As an academic, it’s difficult to switch over to electronic books for work purposes.  I want the option of turning over to my book shelf, grabbing a good read, and handing it off to a student.

The problem is that people forget to return the book.  As a grad student, I loved when professors would give me books to read.  It meant I didn’t have to buy the book myself, or track it down in the library.  I have definitely held onto the occasional book for much too long.  Then one day, you’re cleaning up, realize you want to return the book, but have no idea who the book belongs to.

This is my current concern.  I’m lending out so many books that I can’t possibly remember who I gave what to.  I’d be surprised if my students remembered the book belonged to me.

My solution is to stamp the inside of each book.  Sure, I could write my name on the inside cover.  I have done that on a couple books.  But I want something more official and pretty.  After a scan on Etsy, these are the contenders.

(1) The Raven

$19.95 via Love to Create Stamps

(2) Simply Classic

$39 via Angelique Ink

My personal favorite is the last one that I’m calling “Simply Classic”.  It’s also the most expensive at $39.  It’s expensive because the calligraphy is done by hand.  While I see myself buying only one book stamp for my entire LIFE, I don’t know if I can fork up the $39.  My second favorite is the one I dubbed “The Raven”.  It’s got the two type fonts and is cute.  A $20 difference.  Which one do you think I should get?


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  1. Get the one you LOVE. A year from now, the price difference won’t matter.

  2. Definitely get the one you like better – if you’re planning on keeping it for a long time, it’s totally worth it!

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