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Built NY: Grown-up Lunch Bag

April 14, 2011

Mrs. Pug over at Fresh Brioche got a new adult lunch bag to replace her canvas bag.  Reading her post, I realized that I had also been using an old canvas bag to haul my lunch to work and back.


Not such a bag bag right?  It’s actually Hubs from The Village at Breckenridge.


Here’s my new one from Built NY!  As soon as I read Mrs. Pug’s review of her bag, I had to have one.  These bags range from $20-$30.  I’m a frugal gal,  so I hit EBay first.  Lucky for me, someone was selling their brand new, with tags on, Built NY lunch bag for $6.95 + $2.25 for shipping.

I’m super excited about this bag.  It’s made from neoprene (the same material wetsuits are made from).  It’s super stretchy and has a heavy duty zipper.

Check out how well it fits my lunch.


Don’t laugh.  I’m a busy, career woman.  Smart Ones, Lean Cuisines, and other frozen meals are my life savers!


See how nicely it all zips up?  The small, narrow section is meant for a drink bottle.  I’ve been using it to hold my fork and 2 clementines.


You can see how nicely the bag fits in my big Moonsus Computer work bag.  I’ll review this bag another time because it can carry everything!

So far, I love my Built NY bag.  I feel much more like an adult now.  My frozen lunch stays frozen until lunch time when I forget to take my lunch to the freezer at work.  That is a major improvement for me.

Have you upgraded to an adult lunch bag?


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  1. Very nice! I might need to get one– right now I bring my lunch to work in a lululemon shopping bag 🙂 They are surprisingly durable!

  2. My insulated lunch bag looks like a 5th grader should be carrying it.

  3. You’re so resourceful finding a deal on the built bag on eBay – a girl after my own heart! I looooove my built bag. Sadly, I paid full price.

  4. I like that!! I should get one of those – currently I just throw my lunch in my purse…not the best idea ever!

  5. Right, so, I’ve been looking for a new messenger bag as I currently carry a larger laptop bag like the one you show in your pics but now have a smaller computer. But I loved the laptop bag so much that I clicked on the link and have now spent the last 30 minutes looking at bags – so thanks for that – but seriously, because I think I may have found one (or 50) that I like!

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