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Academic Summer Cleaning

April 8, 2011

image via Melissa Jill Photography

Here’s my logic to make myself feel better.

Academics don’t do spring cleaning.  It doesn’t make sense because spring comes at the worse time in the semester (about 75% through).  I’m convinced that academics shouldn’t be allowed to do spring cleaning.  Instead, we should do summer cleaning.

  • We have fewer responsibilities during the summer time, thus giving us more time to do this “extra” work.
  • We stay home more in the summer when we’re not teaching.  Thus, it makes sense we’ll want a cleaner space to be in.

I’ve fully convinced myself that these aren’t excuses.  I’m merely proclaiming so that other academics (including students) can let go of that nagging feeling that they’re not taking care of their domestic responsibilities.

Be practical and leave it for after the semester.


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  1. I can get on board with this.

  2. UGHH spring cleaning. I guess I should start that soon. It’s such a pain in the neck, really.

  3. Can I also jump on board, even though I’m not an academic? 🙂

  4. Sarah G permalink

    ditto to Serena! I am sooooo busy with wedding orders right now my head feels like it will explode! But, it IS time for spring cleaning and we do need to make our guest room presentable.

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