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Stop Wasting Time with Stupid Fights

April 5, 2011


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The Nest did an article on The 7 Biggest Time Sucks.  I thought most of the ideas for eliminating wasted time sucked.  In fact, most of them seemed pretty cliché.  That is, until I got to number six: stupid fights.

I completely agree and really feel like this is an area many of us should probably work on.  I would like to believe I’m good at letting go of the stupid fights, but I would be kidding myself.  Before Hubs and I got married, we developed our own type of couple’s counseling to make sure we didn’t let the petty issues build up into complete and utter resentment.

As the wedding got closer, we had less and less time to devote to our weekly sessions.  Now that we’re married, I’ve realized that we don’t session at all.  We haven’t gotten into stupid fights in a while, so I’m wondering if our DIY couple’s counseling set up our foundation well enough that we’ve been able to eliminate that part.

For me, the next step is to take the eliminating petty fights with my partner to my work place.  I need to work on letting go of stupid little things.  I need to just be able to do task one to task two without dwelling on the little details.  I need to especially learn to not care about stupid little “debates” that happen in meetings.  I need to stop dwelling on the insignificant and save my energy for the real work.

What other time sucks do you know you need to eliminate?


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