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{OOTD} Husband Corrects My Outfit

April 4, 2011

Well Dressed5

  • Ann Taylor Outlet silk tank
  • Banana Republic Outlet pants in petite
  • DIY necklace
  • On Left: Gap Blazer & Banana Republic Outlet leather belt
  • On Right: Banana Republic Outlet skinny belt & Banana Republic Outlet long cardigan

On the Right is my original outfit.  Hubs thought I was strange for using a skinny belt and such an unstructured jacket with slacks.  I’ve been wearing a skinny belt for the last couple months because I  read that it helps petite people to stay proportioned.  The cardigan is just a staple I throw over everything.

On the left is Hubs correction.  He insisted I needed a more structured blazer since I really wanted to wear the flowy silk tank.  The thicker belt, he said, made sense because the belt loops are larger.

Your pick.  Which combination do you prefer?

Hubs on the Left or Mine on the Right?


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  1. The left outfit looks more put together due to the cut of the blazer; the one on the right looks more comfortable (as far as range of motion, etc…blazers often make me feel like I’m trapped in fabric). With either one though, I think the thicker belt wins!

  2. Both outfits work, but I’m with Nodakademic in that the left one looks a bit more “buttoned up” if you will, while the one on the right as a more laid-back vibe to it. And just to be quirky, I’d wear the skinny belt with the blazer and the thicker belt with the sweater. I’m wacky like that. Either way you look great!

  3. I’d suggest a combo — skinny belt with the blazer. I def. agree with your hubs and nodakademic about the structured look of the blazer, but if it were me, I’d lean toward the cardigan for comfort.

  4. A. Marigold permalink

    I have no comment on the belt, because I’m not that fashion savvy and I match my belt to my belt loops and nothing else. 🙂 But I think the structured look of the blazer is better for work than the cardigan.

  5. Your husband did a pretty good job!

  6. Hubs got it right. The structured jacket and wider belt.

  7. I’m voting for your look – it’s more how I dress. I like less structured clothing and I think the skinny belt and slouchy cardigan are a nice juxtaposition.

  8. I like them both! I think it really just depends on the look you’re going for – the one on the left is more structured and professional, the one on the right is a bit more casual. I have no preference on the belt, though – I like ’em both!

  9. Kathleen permalink

    I like your husband’s choice – your is cute but his choices are real solid.

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