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{Want} Muse Belts

March 29, 2011

image via Already Pretty

I discovered Muse Belts from Sally’s super adorable outfit on her blog Already Pretty.  After a quick look, I’m now obsessed.  First off, these belts are handmade, so unique, and sold on one of my fave sites, Etsy! They also have a website of course.  They’re $44.95 and shipping is free to anywhere in the world!  Super score.  They don’t have a metal buckle, which is what gives them that unique look.  Can’t you imagine having a belt that you could actually wear to the airport and not have to take off for security?  Dream come true, right?

My biggest problem is deciding which color I want.  I can only afford one, so I need to pick a color.  You’ve seen how much I like belts.  Look at these outfits.

Well Dressed4

Which is your favorite?  Sally is wearing the cognac one.

(1) Espresso Brown

(2) Carbon Black

(3) Industrial Gray

(4) Camel Leather

Vote now.


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  1. Those are gorgeous! I might have to add a belt or two to my wish-list. I like the camel leather because I can see it being the most versatile with many different colors.

  2. I voted gray. I’m such a sucker for anything gray!

  3. I love love love the gray!

  4. Gray would go with so much, and since you have already professed your love of gray and purple, why not throw it together with a dark plum sweater? It would look awesome!

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