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Evolution of the Disney Princess

March 21, 2011

via Geek in Heels

Nice to see that Disney princesses are evolving and gaining some diversity as well.  And because I’ll never be satisfied, I would like to see an Asian Disney lead character who is actually a princess.  If you recall from the story, Mulan isn’t actually a princess.


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  1. Getting better. Slow by SURE!

  2. So fun! My sister wrote a paper about this (no joke) in college. She compared Aurora to Belle and Ariel, and how the new Disney princess is about more than sitting around waiting for love. But we recently had a conversation about it, and decided that there’s an even newer generation. Now love isn’t always the most important thing…Tiana’s all about her career, Mulan’s all about protecting her family’s honor. Girl power FTW!

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