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A Letter to Alexandra Wallace – I hope you grow

March 20, 2011

Thanks to Tabitha over at MS. AWESOME for bringing my attention to this video by Jimmy Wong.

If you haven’t heard about Alexandra Wallace’s racist rant YouTube video, I will let you search for it yourself.  I refuse to post that crap on my blog.  While UCLA administrators have offered a statement, I do not believe they understand the severity of what Alexandra did.  There will be no disciplinary action by UCLA and Alexandra has decided to withdraw from the school (link).


I am ashamed that you are a Bruin.  Ashamed!  You should be more educated and thoughtful than the antics you have spewed out into the internet world.  I am ashamed you, too, call yourself a Bruin and will carry the UCLA mark with you as a college-educated woman in this world.

Unlike you, Jimmy Wong put time and thought into his YouTube video.  He puts out a message that is worth hearing.  It both makes me giggle and lightens my heart to know he is trying to educate idiots like you.

You are unlucky because you will now learn how eternal the internet really is, and to know that every employer from now until the end of time will be able to search for your name and come across your racist antics.

Where you are lucky is in being privileged.  You will not know what it is like to endure the agony of hearing idiots like you spew your ignorance with so little regard for who you hurt.  You will not know the pain of seeing your ignorant supporters who continue to remind me that I am not a true American despite my birth certificate.  You will never know what is is like to realize in the mist of a conversation that the person you’re talking with is talking about “Americans” and doesn’t mean you and your family.

My hope for you is that you learn from this, that you truly reflect and learn.  No one is beyond learning and moving forward.  Don’t let the other ignorant people fool you into thinking you are somehow right for being so disgusting.  You work on you and become a better person.

While it’s sad to know that you are withdrawing from UCLA instead of being kicked out, make no mistake that this will follow you.  Even if you change your name and it becomes difficult to link you back to this incident, your ignorance will continue to cause you trouble until the day you educate yourself and grow.


To everyone else,

Let her know how you feel but don’t get dirtier than her.  Be smarter!  Do better.  Don’t be dumb and get violent.  Show the world that growth is possible and that even the most racist are only that way because they have not been allowed to learn and grow.

Let’s demand racial consciousness in our future leaders!


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  1. Hottie, you rock. Love > hate…always!

  2. Ughhh seriously…I saw her “vlog” last week and it made me SO FREAKING MAD. Love your response, and the song! That made me smile to see.

  3. AW – so unfortunately misinformed.

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