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{Wedding Recap} Gummy Smile Update

March 9, 2011

Just in case you didn’t already see it over at Weddingbee, you get to see it now.


I’m taking a halt in my recaps because I’m so annoyed with myself. Did I really just spend the last two posts talking about how uncomfortable I felt during formals, and how I wish I was more fierce? Gosh, I could kick that woman for being so glass-half-empty. Learning self-love is a process, one that I’m likely to always need to be consciously aware of.

I read my bridal pictures post when it went live on the blog. As I read through what I wrote, I felt like I was watching myself in a reality TV show. I finished the post and felt embarrassed that I never even once acknowledged the beauty in my bridal shots. It’s so much easier to recognize the beauty of moments and the joy that is reflected in the more photojournalistic photos. Admitting the beauty of bridals seems so much more difficult. Perhaps I was being modest. But more likely, I was just being down on myself. All too often, we are our worst critics.

Over the years, I learned to be more confident—to be the first to call myself beautiful. If you look back through my archived posts, you’ll even see that I have never had a problem calling myself a hottie. I’ve even received comments suggesting that I wasn’t being modest. It never bothered me. This last post reminded me that the process of loving myself is an ever present one.

Today, I’m taking this moment to acknowledge that it was easier to claim discomfort than to actually believe I looked beautiful in my bridals, and that is a shame.

I’m reminded of when I shared my gummy smile with all of you before the wedding. Everyone was so supportive. I learned to let go of that crazy fear and encouraged everyone else to do the same. What we cannot change, we must have the strength to come to terms with (or something like that).

Gummy Smile Update :  wedding beauty san diego Hanssie02 hanssie02 photo by Hanssie Trainor

Gummy Smile Update :  wedding beauty san diego Barbara Barbara Photo by Cousin B

I’ve shared these two photos with you earlier when I recapped our tea ceremony. But look at that gummy smile! That gum is out to greet you with all it’s glory.

Hi hive! I’m Mrs Hot Wing’s gummy smile, and she didn’t even bother to hide me on her wedding day.

I believe we’re all a work in progress, and I’m admitting it to you. Thanks for your support along the way. Really! I really wish each and everyone of you could feel the love of so many bees sending you complements even when you don’t quite see it. We’re all beautiful, but we have to be the ones to see it first. That’s the person who really counts. And I’m still learning that lesson every day.


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  1. Your gummy smile is your signature and represents sheer joy! Flaunt it.

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