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{OOTD} Belted Scarf a la Academic Chic

March 7, 2011


On my quest toward well-dressed, I’m actively in search of inspiration for my outfits.  For this outfit, I took a page from the fashionistas over at Academic Chic and belted my scarf.

Here, I’m wearing:

  • Bat-wing cardigan in charcoal gray
  • Black tank top
  • Black elastic Bebe belt
  • Floral print scarf from Charlie’s Corner in Austin, Texas
  • Black slacks custom made in Vietnam
  • Black Alfani boots


I had a faculty meeting the day I wore this outfit.  When I walked in, one of my colleagues (a fellow academic) remarked, “Oh, you look so stylish!”  Not bad for my first week on the quest towards well-dressed.


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  1. I love this outfit– so stylish and chic! I’ve never tried wearing a scarf like that– I’m going to try it out!

  2. i agree, you look very stylish! will have to pick up a few tips from you.

  3. I love this look… and all of your OOTD posts! I’m definitely going to have to try this one on for size!

  4. I love this look so much! See, that’s the sort of thing I would never think to do myself, but it looks absolutely adorable!

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