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Exploring White Balance

March 1, 2011

White Balance

Mrs. Bee is learning to use her DSLR.  I’m learning along with her.  She first learned about White Balance.  I had no idea such a feature even existed on my camera.  I am a serious novice.  I have wanted to learn more about my camera for a long time now.  I appreciate every bit of knowledge, tips, and pointers I get!  I won’t belabor the information since Mrs. Bee did a great job on her post on White Balance.

I used the information Mrs. Bee wrote about to explore my White Balance settings.  Above are the results.

  1. Auto
  2. Daylight
  3. Shade
  4. Cloudy
  5. Tungsten Light
  6. White Fluorescent Light
  7. Flash (no actual flash)
  8. Flash (w/ flash going off)

The room I’m in has white fluorescent lighting.  Thus, #6 is the correct setting.  I’m surprised at how easily I can set the lighting for my photos.  I hope this new piece of knowledge enhances my photos.

Which photo do you think is best?


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  1. I’ve been following along with Mrs. Bee too, and I was just playing with my white balance yesterday! 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this!! I have stolen my boyfriend’s DSLR and we don’t do well with trying to teach each other things, haha! I will definitely be following along with both you and Mrs. Bee!

  3. So funny, because I did this exact same thing on Friday!

    Although your pictures are a lot prettier than mine, since I was just photographing my dirty kitchen from my couch!

  4. oh i should check that out! oh wait, i don’t have a dslr. well poop.

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