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Jewelry Travel Case

February 24, 2011

Hubs and I are headed to Paris in a couple weeks to celebrate our belated honeymoon.  I fully intend on being Paris fashionable while there.  I suspect this will require packing up and toting my fave accessories across the Atlantic to Europe.  Thus, I’m in the market for a proper means to tote my pretty goods.  I’ve narrowed it down to the following two.  Help me decide which to spend my hard earned money on.

First up:  Jewelry Tote  $35 via Sew My Style LLC

This tote is super cute.  The color combo and the many thoughtful details are shear genius.  The problem is that it’s $35.  I’m not positive I want to spend so much on protection for my goods.


Second, Household Essentials Jewelry Roll Up $$5.75 on Amazon

This isn’t as pretty, but it’s cheap and gets the job done.

Take a vote.  Which would you buy?  The expensive but pretty tote or the simple and super cheap one?

Thanks for voting!



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  1. I would highly recommend the one with the clear storage areas. When B and I went on our honeymoon in Italy and Ireland, the airport powers that be in Italy believed that there was something evil in my suitcase, so they opened and dug through EVERYTHING. I am all for flight safety, but the problem was that they never closed anything after they check through it. Fast-forward to 1 AM in Ireland: I couldn’t find my sapphire necklace B had given me for our anniversary. I thought it was gone for good, but it was tangled up in one of the crevices, thankfully. Go with clear holding areas!

  2. Buy the Amazon one and take the money you saved and put it towards Paris souvenirs!

  3. Go for the cheap one! Cuteness won’t really make a difference when you’re just stuffing it into a suitcase. Plus, the cheaper one actually looks a lot more functional!

  4. if it were something you were going to use every day, i would say spring for the cuter, more expensive one. since this is something that you will be traveling with every so often, i say go with the cheaper one (although easier said than done–i am currently in the throes of deciding which overpriced but totally cute lunch tote i should buy from etsy).

  5. parrriisss! so cool!

    i’d go for the not-as-cute-one, since it looks a bit more durable? for travel it’s probably best to keep it as low-fuss as possible!

  6. Mama Marcia permalink

    Go for the less expensive one and save the extra $30 for food and drink in Paris!

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