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Southbound for Love

February 18, 2011


I’m headed southbound to visit the woman who stood up for me at my wedding, Hottie of Honor L.  She’s my sister from another womb.  She loves me even when I’m not very lovable.  I’ve been fighting a cold, but I’m still determined to have a lovely weekend with my lovely.

My mom thinks it’s bad of me to leave my new husband for an entire weekend.  He thinks it’s lovely I want to hang out with one of my besties.  I adore that he loves my friends too!  A definite keeper!


Have a great President’s Day weekend everyone.  See you again next week after some wine and sunshine in Austin, Texas.

Comment prompt of the day: Tell me what you think of our leprechaun leap.

*photos from Mrs Pashmina’s Wedding.


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  1. That is the best BFF picture ever! Esp. with the matching dresses. Cute!

  2. I LOVE that last pic of you two! Have fun in Austin, TX!

  3. LOVE that photo! I’ll be in Austin this weekend too! 🙂

  4. So cute! I love the flowers and the color of those dresses!

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