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Eat at Your Computer?

February 17, 2011


How dorky must I be if I get excited seeing a blog post titled ” The Best Foods (and Strategies) for Eating at Your Computer“.  Then to make matters dorkier, I totally agree with the listed foods and reason why.

Yeah… sigh…. I think my dork factor just maxed out today!

I agree that eating “foods that act as glue” is the easiest.  If you’ve got mashed potatoes, they act as a glue for any peas or meats you have in the same container.  Rice, on the other hand, sucks to eat in front of a computer.  Inevitably, a small piece will escape from your fork/spoon and land smack dab in between two keys on the keyboard.  Screwed!

My biggest eating in front of my computer issue actually has to do with eating warm foods.  I typically have to reheat my lunch.  Then I return to my office and proceed to eat and work simultaneously.  Somewhere along the line, I forget to keep eating and end up just working.  Then a student stops by to ask me something and apologizes for interrupting my lunch.  Opps, over an hour as passed and I still haven’t finished my lunch.

The photo above is of the Healthy Broccoli soup I made from a Real Simple recipe (thanks for the subscription Mama Marcia).  We had left overs that I would have taken to work for lunch, but I was worried I would spill it in my work bag.  Soups can be messy if they’re not transported properly.  It’s always something isn’t it?

Anyone have suggestions for lunches that are easy to make, relatively inexpensive, and could either be eaten quickly or lasts a while at room temperature?


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  1. My “at computer” lunch usually consists of a container of cabbage slaw with 1/2 avocado on it, some crackers and some celery with peanut butter on them. It’s not tooooo messy, but I often find cracker crumbs in my keyboard.
    The soup looks delicious!

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