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Sitting Ergonomically at the Work Desk

February 10, 2011

image by Joe Loong via Lifehacker

I’ll admit that I tend to sit more like the person in the middle than the person on the left.  I get slouchy and lazy.  I use to be very good about sitting up straight.  There was a time when I had great back muscles.  Oh how all that ballet and figure skating training worked its magic.  Those days are long gone now.  I’m just an academic now.  I get paid for mostly sitting in front of a computer.  I know it’s bad.  Did I mention that I sleep on my stomach too?  That’s another post.

Angel Sales PosturePro Lumbar Support 

Last week, I sat in a colleagues car that had one of these on the passenger seat. It felt great!  I naturally sat up straight.  I’m considering purchasing this one for my office.  This is the newest item on my Nellie Wants List.  It must be a clear sign of adulthood when you start wanting and desiring accessories to outfit your work chair to prevent back pain.  Did I mention I’m not even 30 yet? 

Has anyone tried these new mesh supports?  They’re about $15 and can fit most chairs.  Give me a couple weeks to talk myself into buying it.  Then maybe I’ll write up a review for everyone.

Do you have any adult accessories at your desk to help with your adult problems?


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  1. I’m pretty good about sitting up straight. I can show you some chair-yoga poses:)

  2. Ooh yes, get one and review it please! You and I have the same back problems, it seems. I also sit like the middle guy, and I sleep on my stomach! At home I stick a pillow behind my lower back every time I sit on the couch or in a chair, but for sure the most time I spend sitting is at work so I ought to look into something like this. I suppose I should also strengthen my core muscles, but that doesn’t seem nearly as easy as buying some lumbar support 😀

  3. I’m terrible about sitting/standing up straight! My work requires me to be on my feet almost all day, though, so one of these wouldn’t help out much. What about something that forces me to not slouch when I’m standing? 🙂

    • Could you strap this lumbar thing to the inside of your coat? Heehee.. I kid, I kid.

  4. I just started standing for a few hours a day and it has really helped.

  5. i could definitely use something like this. every time i happen to think of my posture, i realize that i’m horribly slouching.

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