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OOTD: Teal Blue Surprise

February 7, 2011


My outfit posts will now be called “Outfit of the Day” posts.  OOTD for short.  I hope you enjoy them.  In doing these, I’m realizing that I’m not super trendy, nor fashionable.  However, I will say that I am one of the more dressy people at work.  Academics are not known for being fashionable after all.  So let’s see if I can figure out my way at being both young and hip headed toward professional and chic with a dash of smarty-pants.

  • teal cardigan from a small Forever21 like shop in Orange County
  • White camisole
  • beige slacks (custom made in Vietnam for under $5)
  • Seychelles shoes


Tell me if this is a fashion faux pas or not.  I’m wearing a stainless steel watch and a gold necklace.  I felt like the necklace matched the outfit.  The watch, I wear because I need a watch when I teach.  Two different purposes, one outfit.


Aw, the shoes.  I want to give them some extra attention because they make me happy.  In this wintry snowy mess, it feels good to get to my office and put these babies on.  If they look familiar, it’s likely because I wore them for our first engagement photos.  These babies keep me feeling youthful in this outfit.

n n_1036

via Moley Photographs

I love versatile items that can be both hip and professional!


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  1. Another totally together outfit! Keep those shoes forever.

  2. I love this— so chic and put-together and those shoes are great. And I think mixing metals is fine, at least that’s why I tell myself because I do it frequently 🙂

  3. I think it’s a seriously cute outfit! And I mix metals every single day because my college ring is yellow gold and my e-ring/wedding band is white gold! It bothered me a little at first but now I don’t mind at all. So yeah, I’m all for mixing metals!

  4. LOVE the shoes…love the whole outfit! You are too cute.

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