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Dainty Necklaces

January 27, 2011

After giving myself a short break today, I discovered a couple dainty necklaces.  I haven’t decided if these are too sweet for my new bolder and more “make-me-look-hardcore” wardrobe, but I still love looking.  In particular, I gravitated towards these no clasp necklaces.  They are certainly beautiful.  I wonder if I would lose them.

Piper Blue

Menuet Designs

I think this last one wins for most dainty and sweet. J’adore!


Do you own a no clasp, dainty necklace like this?  Tell me if they move around too much for you?  Then you can also tell me why I need one of these.


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  1. I don’t have a no clasp necklace like those, but I do have one similar to the first one with a clasp and I LOVE it 🙂

  2. Love them all. Definitely the middle one. It matches your earrings!

  3. So cute!! I have a dainty necklace, but the clasp is different. I know I would probably lose those because I’m careless. Those are so cute though!

  4. I actually own the top one with the bird! It was a gift from my boyfriend at some point.. I think it actually has a clasp in the back but I wasn’t crazy about how the lariat adjusted itself while I was wearing it so that the bird was hanging super low, so I attached a jump ring with a pair of pliers and now it stays in place. : )

    • Taking matters into your own hands. I dig it. Nice to know there’s a clasp. Thanks!

  5. i love the dainty necklaces. partly because i’m not fashionable enough to carry off a chunky statement necklace. it’s so funny because i’ve been looking at necklaces from piperblue and menuetdesigns in the past couple of weeks!

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