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{OOTD} Oversized Sweater Loving

January 24, 2011


Did I ever mention that I’m a whopping 5 feet and 1/2 an inch.  Not 5’6” but rather.. 1/2 an inch under 5’1”.  I’m a petite little one.  Strangely, I have a thing for baggy clothing.  I know traditional fashion do’s and don’ts say I am only allowed to wear fitted clothes so that it doesn’t overwhelm my body.  However, I think a well portioned outfit makes this oversized sweater work for me.  I  should also mention that I accidentally bought a size Medium instead of XSmall that I normally buy.  I figured it was the look and went with it.  Obviously, I felt like it worked because I ripped the tags off and sported the outfit.

Above I’m wearing…

– Express top (size Medium)

– black camisole

– black Bebe belt

– purple bead necklace

– Banana Republic Outlet Trouser Jeans

What do you think?  Does this oversized sweater work?  Or should I return to wearing fitted clothes only?


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  1. I think it looks really nice, and cozy too. It’s not overwhelming your body, which is the problem the ‘experts’ seem to have with big clothes on petite women. Cute necklace too, it adds a nice bit of color.

  2. I think the belt makes ALL the difference here– it reins in the sweater, and makes the whole ensemble look really well-put-together. I love the purple necklace, too!

  3. It all works! You’ve got it goin’ on.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!

  5. Ooops and the outfit too 🙂

  6. Um you look adorable!!! Such a cute outfit. Now I’m on the hunt for an oversized sweater so I can totally steal this look.

  7. I personally love this outfit – I’d totally wear it too!

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