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Emergency Coffee Filter

January 21, 2011

Coffee Filter Trick

Sorting through my pictures today, I came across these photos.  It was so genius of us, I had to share.  When Hubs and I first moved into our current apartment, we carefully packed our coffee maker in the car so we would have it in the morning while waiting for the moving truck to arrive with the rest of our goods.  Silly us, we packed everything except a coffee filter.

We had to have our morning coffee.  Addicted you say?  Well duh! I’m “Wired”, Witty, and Well-dressed, man!  Wired to my caffeine that is.

We thought about using toilet paper, but that would full apart under the coffee grinds.  We didn’t have any facial tissue to try, so that was out.  We did have paper towels!  Genius.

I stuck a piece of paper towel into the pop and cut off the excess paper around the top so the lid could close shut.  Coffee grounds in.  Water in.  Lid Shut.  Power switched on.  Bam!  We had coffee.  The coffee tasted a bit weak compared with what we’re use to, but it definitely delivered the caffeine punch we needed.

On the reverse note, I’ve read that coffee filters make for suitable emergency toilet paper.  Anyone?

What emergency tricks have you used?  Funnels in the wood, y’all?


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One Comment
  1. Mama Marcia permalink

    I’ve used the paper towel trick for a coffee filter, as well. Coffee addicts will go to any extreme. Bear Grylls would be proud.

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