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Teaching: Being a Sad Realist Teacher

January 4, 2011


What type of grader are you?  Sadly, I’m a realist.  Sometimes I wonder if teaching students is actually helping them learn anything useful.  I would like to believe that I’m conveying information in a new and different way that allows students to build critical thinking skills in ways that they would not be able to or would be more difficult on their own.

But then I heard this incredible talk from Sugata Mitra at a Ted Conference.  Ted’s goal is to spread innovated ideas worth spreading.  Dr. Mitra’s idea is seriously worth spreading.  His talk had me smiling, laughing, intrigued, and inspired.  Check it out.

Are you a teacher?  Do you think we’re making a difference or getting in the way?  Maybe teachers would be better at teaching if we didn’t have to deal with the educational system. The system itself can be so damn annoying.  It is the system that often stifles my creativity.  Thus, it is no surprise that I turn around and end up stifling my student’s creativity too.  Yuck, what a cycle.

How can we take the system out of our teaching?


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  1. As a public educator at a high school with state, national, and local standards, it is hard to truly become an educator to the fullest extent without bemoaning the fact that I have a very strict schedule to keep in order to get everything in before the standardized tests roll around every year. I do, however, think as a professor you may have more flexibility than I do. I am pretty much excited to possibly get to the chapter of my life where I become a professor!

    Also, with some of the answers my students give on tests, I wonder where they come from. My vote is definitely Jupiter.

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