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First Christmas Tree

December 20, 2010


Hubs and I married this past August.  This year we will celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple.  It is our family’s first Christmas.  We also got our first family Christmas tree this year.  We got an artificial 2’ tall tree from Home Depot for $4.99.  Talk about the right price point huh?

Christmas Tree 2010We own a total of 4 ornaments: 2 Barak Obama ornaments, 1 hand-painted gifted from Grandma T, and 1 2008 Rose Bowl U of I v. USC.  The last one on the bottom left commemorates our wedding.  It is the faux orchid boutonniere that Hubs wore on our wedding day.

Armo-Tran's 1st Christmas Tree

Here’s our piece de resistance!  Some have already called it “pathetic”, but it is ours!  I love that each ornament means something special to us.  My vision of our future Christmas tree is one of memories.  I want a tree that represents our growth as a family.  I WANT a try that begins as bare and grows to be full.  That is our family.  Our family is small now.  We are new, and so is our tree.  It seems incredibly appropriate to me.

So that is the story of our tree.  Sounds all kinds of defensive doesn’t it?

What types of ornaments are on your tree?


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  1. I’m actually really jealous that you don’t have boxes and boxes of ornaments from childhood! When I moved, my mom thrust all these childhood ornaments at me… now we have so many already that there aren’t hardly room for any personal mementos of the rest of our lives. The tree is full of my childhood memories instead! Over the years, it’ll be fun for you two to collect ornaments that are meaningful to both of you. LOVE that you have his bout on the tree.

  2. I love your Barack Obama ornaments– I definitely need some of those 🙂

  3. I love your tree! It’s perfect. 🙂

  4. I love this little tree and the meaning behind it. Every single one of my ornaments means something to me and takes me to times and places past. I think that’s how it should be! Well done, you!

  5. I’m the same way! I did a diy garland out of our wedding photos this year because I didn’t want to buy a bunch of random ornaments. I like buying ornaments that represent different milestones. My family actually found out, so we got a few wedding related and house ornaments this year. So our tree will be pretty bare for the first few years, but I love that it will be filled with special meaning. I love hwo you included the orchid from your wedding!

  6. Super cute tree, and I love the ornaments! 🙂

  7. Awww its so cute! We have a puny little tree too – I totally feel you!

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