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Cardigans–My Pop of Color

December 7, 2010

Well Dressed

Since this is my first semester as a professor, I don’t exactly have an ideal “professor” closet quite yet.  These things take time to build.  Luckily for me, I’ve always been the “likes to get dressed up” kind of woman.  It makes me feel more confident and makes me feel like working.  More honestly though, I just plain like it.  Got a problem with a woman who likes to wear a suit and get dressed up for work even if her workplace doesn’t require it?  Well, you can go and beat it can’t you?

Even with my love for dressing up, I’ve become quite bored with my closet.  Sadly, I feel like my closet lacks variety.  These photos represent two back-to-back work days I had at the start of the semester.  Quite uninspired wouldn’t you say?

I own a lot of black and a bunch of cardigans.  When in doubt, you throw them all together.  I outfit on the right I like.  The outfit on the left feels very bland.  I think a chunky necklace could have saved that outfit.  Alas, I lacked the right chunky necklace to go with it.  Even my accessory collection is in need of a face lift.  I only make so much money!  Don’t even get my started on the shoe situation.  Getting a real job is expensive y’all!

Word to the wise up and coming working professional—start building your work wardrobe piece by piece early!  I mean as early as possible!  The slacks in that photo are 7 years old.  The pencil skirt 4 years old.  You see where I’m headed?

What are your favorite go-to items that make you feel hip, trendy, put together, and “inspired”?


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  1. I feel your pain. Most the color in my wardrobe comes from my cardigans. Everyday, I wear denim, black or grey – EX.CIT.ING! haha

  2. I always layer, a cardigan is perfect to add a pop of color! I’m realizing I wear a lot of black too, how dreary. I totally need a wardrobe makeover.

    PS — you look fabulous!

  3. LOVE the outfit with the long cardigan with the belt! So cute. I saw long cardigans at Target yesterday but I had no idea how to style them. So thanks!

    As you know, I just wrote a post about purging my closet. And now that I’m working I’m slowly rebuilding my “working” wardrobe. I totally agree about starting early. Some things, like nice black slacks (did I really just use that word?) never go out of style

    Let’s go shopping!!

  4. A great pair of boots, a nice bag, a cardigan or structured jacket and a silk or chiffon scarf looped around my neck. That’s pretty much my stand by, and the combinations are endless!

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