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Reverb 10 Challenge: Make

December 6, 2010

Today’s Reverb10 prompt comes from Gretchen Rubin from The Happiness Project.

Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

Because of our wedding (which you can read about on weddingbee as Mrs. Hot Wings) I made so many things this year, it’s pretty crazy to think about.  Just last week I made our wedding albums, but I’ll be discussing that later.  Instead, I’ll tell you about the non-wedding related item I made from scratch in early November.


It’s a protective holder for my nifty dslr.  I really wanted to use my regular Coach bag because it’s totally versatile.  I can wear it as a messenger bag or a shoulder bag.  It’s large enough to hold all my goods and small enough for my petite frame.  I really didn’t want to spend the money on a new bag for my camera, especially a not very cute and makes you look like a tourist bag.

I put out a tweet asking for people to recommend their camera bag inserts.  I didn’t want to spent the $50 I saw inserts advertised for.  I got a wonderful recommendation for camera bag insert tutorial.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the patience to make mine as pretty.  So here’s how you can still do a quick and get-the-job-done insert.



2 – foam sheets from Michael’s

Electrical Tape


Needle & Thread

How To

(1) Cut out the pieces of your cube.  I literally put my camera on the foam and started drawing boxes.  Lines weren’t very straight.  I didn’t exactly care.

(2) Tape all pieces together using electrical tape.  Tape the inside of the cube first because it will be difficult to tape the inside once you tape the outside.

(3) After the side pieces, tape the outside to form your cube.

(4) Sew squares of fabric together to form a “bag” for your foam.

Time: ~1 hour

Cost: $2 for foam (already had all other materials)

As you can see by how messy my box turned out, I did not do a very professional job with my box and bag.  I figured it wasn’t worth my time to get really fancy with this project because it would only sit inside my purse.  I think I’ll eventually go back and sew a nicer bag for the foam, but it’s been working great so far.  If you want a nicer how-to guide, check out the earlier tutorial link.  I used it as my inspiration and haphazardly went from there.

Before making this little handy dandy holder, I was irresponsible and just threw my camera in with all my other purse goods.  I started getting crumbs in the eye slot and other not fun dings.  Not a way to be treating my expensive toy.

I really dig my haphazard camera insert!  It cost me $2 and 1 hour of my life, but I’m certain my camera is much happier having it’s own protected space in my cute messenger bag.

Have you skirted expensive goods by making it yourself this year?  Tell me about it.


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  1. SMART! I need to do this.

  2. jonaskayla permalink

    Amazing! I totally need one of these.

  3. Awesome! I carry my point-and-shoot with me daily. The poor thing is at the bottom of my bag, along with my keys, pens and other random items. (Luckily, the DSLR gets better treatment.) I really need to make something like this one of these days.

  4. How funny – I’ve had something similar on my to – do list for a while as I don’t really like the very obvious camera bags. I do plan to choose a favourite bag and turn it into just a camera bag with a set of inserts. Will definitely have a look at the tutorial you found before I start .

    And thanks for popping over to visit my blog too.

  5. I love it! I also love when crafty sort of people put “one hour” from start to finish for a project. If I did that project, it would have taken 15 years… because I would start it and then think “Oh I just don’t know HOW to go on!!” and put it away for awhile. Then some friend who is crafty would come to visit and I would haul it out and ask her advice, and we’d work on it a bit, but then some bottle of wine would distract us. Then a few years later, she’d come back to visit again and I’d take it out again and after I revived her from her fainting spell, we’d finish it. And another bottle of wine.

    Sigh… so you ARE amazing… More amazing than you know!

    • This is so sweet.. and yet makes me laugh. There are some things I am great at… and others that I suck at. I have a started but no where near done scrap book of at least 3 different time periods in my life. Oh a sad story.

      • I can do scrap books! Emphasis on the “crap” in scrap. Mine are always just willy nilly with random quotes and magazine pictured glued in with my photos… More like an insane person’s collage art project.

  6. I love this! I made a funny elastic sack that looks kind of like a weird-shaped shower-cap for mine, and i just stretch it over. It isn’t particularly suited for protection from hard-knocks though…

  7. Well sheesh girl, aren’t you so smart?!?! Great idea…I’ve been longing for a camera bag myself…and what a smart idea to just create your own!

  8. Nice little project, Nellie. I’ve used that craft foam for lots of things and it’s a very versatile material that cuts easily with scissors or an Xacto knife, can be taped or even sewn through, and is waterproof.

    One recommendation – you should re-work the design so that the camera sits lens-down. This way, when you grab the camera, you’ll be grabbing the grip, not the lens. Not only will it be ready to shoot when you pull it from the bag, but you’ll also avoid accidentally grabbing the focus ring (which can damage some autofocus lenses) or putting a lot of lateral stress on the lens mount. It will also allow you to make the insert fit tighter around the lens, lessening the amount of wobble and jiggle when you carry camera and insert inside your bag.

    • Thanks for the nice comment Will. That would be a great way to store the camera. I’ll definitely have to think about that one.

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