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Anthropologie Sweaters: I Die and Totally Can’t Afford

December 6, 2010

Oh come on Anthropologie! You kill me.  As you know from my early post Sweater Weather, I’ve been in search of some fun and trendy, yet professional and teaching appropriate sweaters.  Well, here are some pretty gosh darn awesome ones.  But seriously?  I can’t afford these prices Anthro; $88-$268 is just too steep.  I can’t do it.  Maybe this is the reason why I haven’t bought a substantial sweater in ages; they’re too darn expensive.  Is this normal folks?  I’m dying of desire.  Maybe they’ll go on drastic sale right?

A Year of Winter Sweater $268

Neo-Refinement Pullover $88

Fresh Perspective Cardi $148

Hindsight Cardigan $98

Rippled and Ribboned Wrap $98

Best of the Bunch Cardigan $228

Aren’t they so me?  I’m so not an Anthropologie lady either.  I don’t actually own anything from there, but these make me change my tune.  Are you dying of sweater envy too?  How can us ladies cope with this situation?  Tell me where to shop s’il vous plait.


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  1. I totally agree. My style isn’t Anthropologie at all. I don’t think I own anything from there, BUT I have really been liking their sweaters this year. I may have to mention this to Santa (aka the husband).

  2. Hit up the Anthro SALES RACK!!! That’s my secret 🙂 Also, Marshall’s and Loehmann’s (not sure if you have that in Boston) and Filene’s Basement!

  3. Oh man, I love these! But I haven’t bought anything from Anthropologie in years precisely because of their prices. But maybe if any of these go on sale eventually…

  4. Erin permalink

    I die over Anthropologie, too, but I’ve been on a shopping hiatus for the past few months and it has really helped me curb my Anthro habit. In particular, I really wanted the green Hindsight cardigan, but I found a close substitute at Target (from the Converse One-Start brand) for $30. It’s not wool, but it’s chunky and warm!

  5. oooh I would like to put that second one in my closet righhhhht now.

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