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Weakness Exposed

November 22, 2010

Do you know your weakness?  I’m not talking about your weakness for sweets or wine.  I’m talking about a weakness that could prevent your survival! 

Last week, our apartment management turned off our electricity for a couple hours.  Both Hubs and I worked from home that day.  Unfortunately, the electricity went out before we ate lunch.  We had no idea how long the electricity would be out, so we were careful about opening the refrigerator.

FYI: According to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, food can last in the refrigerator without power for up to 4 hours.  You should really avoid open the door to main the cold environment.

When it was lunch time, Hubs turned to me to ask what I wanted to eat for lunch.  I looked up and realized “Oh crap, everything I normally eat for lunch (i.e., cup-o-noodles, Lean Cuisines, frozen dumplings) required electricity.  It doesn’t help that we also have an electric stove. 

Hubs response…. Weakness Exposed!

It turns out that my weakness is in needing electricity to eat!

Lucky for me, Hub eats virtually the same sandwich everyday.  He only requires a toaster for the bread.  We made a mental note of all the goods we needed from the fridge, swung the door open, grabbed everything, and slammed the door shut.  Roast beef sandwich with Swiss cheese on rye bread with horseradish spread. 

Then the best sandwich addition EVER, potato chips!  I’ve been putting chips in my sandwiches since forever and a day ago.  Of course, I’m also the person who likes to put french fries in my burgers too.  So I’m a food combiner, sue me!

Here’s my creation for you enjoyment.  Right after I took this photo, I smashed it break the chips.  Duh, that’s the only way to eat it.


Could you survive without electricity?  What’s your weakness?  Expose it in the comments.


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  1. Dear WWWD,

    Tragically, I too have my weakness. Those who know me well, and you are on for those, can tell stories about my ability to be totally distracted by any piece of Godiva, Fannie Mae, Hershey or Nestle product. My favorite indulgence in a heavenly piece of dark chocolate. Sadly, I’ve been known to finish my grocery shopping with a trip down the candy aisle to spend way too much time deciding what “treat” I’ll eat on the way home. Of course, I’ll have to stop by a public waste container before pulling in the driveway to hide the evidence. My ever-vigilant husband monitors my chocolate consumption, so much so that when the last Halloween goblin visits our door, he whisks away the left over candy (always chocolate) and hides it from me. Then, through out the next few months he’ll leave me a treat on my pillow or come and deliver a “sweet someething” while I’m watching TV.
    My weakness has become his power trip. After forty years of marriage, the idiosyncrasies of our behavior and my weakness add humor to the humdrum. May I pass you a Brach’s Almond Supreme?

    Mama Marcia

  2. Oh man, I hate it when the power goes out, but mainly because then I’m stuck with only my little cell phone screen to entertain me! Luckily we go camping a lot in the summer, so have a propane lantern, portable and full size propane bbqers, and plenty of flashlights. But it’s such a pain anyway!

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