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Photo Cards, Handmade, or Made-for-the-Masses Cards

November 18, 2010

I’ve been working on holiday cards and thank you cards.  Since we got married a couple months ago, I’m using wedding photos to make personalized cards.  As much as I love staring at photos of Hubs and I looking all glam and happy.  I’m missing the more “traditional” cards.  I was especially reminded of this recently.  I’m going to see two college buddies next week.  Friend Andrea is the brain and artist behind Ucello Curioso.  She creates hand-drawn cards on handmade paper.  As if that wasn’t enough, she had to go and put the these cute sayings on them.  I mean come on “I love you like I love bacon + eggs.”  I’m considering a request for an “I love you like I love Hot Wings” card.  What do you think?  Too egotistical?

These are the types of cards I would hate to throw out.  If you’re like me, you can use them as art pieces.  I’ve got 3 of my favorite cards that Hubs gave me framed in our le toilet as décor.  Maybe I’ll share that display in another post.  Well, back to cards.  I almost feel like the art of making cards and messages is getting lost as we slap our photos on cards.

I guess the photo cards are more personal than what feels more traditional: the Hallmark card.

But then I went to to check out their selection and found that even Hallmark is now personalizing their cards.  Here are some cuties I found there.


How do you feel about cards?  Are they something to be cherished?  Or perhaps you see them as an unnecessary requirement for gift giving.  Tell me your thoughts.  Do you think having a craftsperson create your greeting card makes it different from receiving a Hallmark or other manufactured-for-the-masses card?  Or are you replacing all of your card giving with photo cards?


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  1. Well, um, if wanting a card that says “I love you like I love hot wings” is egotistical, then I’m in the same group — I may have let out a loud “EEP!” when I saw the french fry card, and considered purchasing it for the very same reasons. 🙂

  2. Hah! Those are awesome cute! I have to admit, I did the whole “tilt the head, huh?” thing when I first saw your friend’s cards, but as I scrolled down… I fell in love. Especially with the “well done” card. 🙂 It really does make me feel like I did something special just now!

  3. Your friend Andrea’s cards are so cute! I would totally request an “I Love you like I love Hot Wings” card! TOO CUTE!

  4. French fries are my favorite food so that card trumps the whole card universe…and Prince Williams engagement and Pink’s pregnancy. 😀

  5. cute cards! as long as it’s cute, i don’t care about store bought/home made too much. my bigger problem with hallmark, etc. cards are the super sappy sayings/poems inside. *shudder* i’m not a sappy person, lol.

    • oh dude! I had totally forgotten about the writing inside. That is definitely another thing I could do without.

  6. man that bacon and eggs one is really cute. there are some cards that are great because they’re so damn cute/pretty/sweet, some that are great because of what’s written in them, some that are great because they’re from a person that you treasure (i.e. old relative), and others that don’t mean much which i throw away. hehe. the others i ceremoniously shove into a box. because i’m so sure i’ll be looking at them one day. i know, i’ll force my grandkids to do it. this is really long. i’m sorry.

  7. Thanks for this! I’ve been searching all over the web for the info.

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